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Why SRM University, Sikkim?

The SRM University, Sikkim will provide world class education with unmatched infrastructure and outstanding faculties. The students will breathe freedom to learn the program of their choice. They will know how to build relationships across different segments of society and will come out as worthy citizens. The knowledge they acquire and the skills they master in the campus will go a long way in building up a strong career. Having been located in Mountain State in the north-eastern region, the SRM University, Sikkim is poised to grow with the development of the student population of the region in terms of their educational aspirations.

Global Perspective

The graduates and the post- graduates coming out of the SRM University, Sikkim will have a global perspective, both in terms of academic inputs and their preparedness in accepting challenges posed by modern societies. The SRM University, Sikkim will not be a run-of-the-mill type of institution and the students will feel the pride attached to the University.

Collaborations and Partnerships

There will be endeavors to build partnerships and collaborations with the leading corporate houses, industries and the world class institutes in order to expose students to the very best in any field. The SRM Group of Institutions has shown the way already in this direction by forging alliances with several international organizations and Universities of repute.

Technology Based Learning

Technology based learning has made deep in-roads in the academic portals and the enriched class rooms have made a great difference in the learning experience of the students. The high-quality education through cutting edge technologies in broadcasting, telecasting and webcasting has made collaborative and interactive learning a real possibility. Mentoring, peer-group interaction, social networking, knowledge repository and digital streaming are some of the means of achieving participative and collaborative learning. The SRM University, Sikkim will be one of the major practioners of Technology based learning.

An Enriching Campus Life

  • The campus set-up in Gangtok will make the students enjoy their stay.
  • The faculty members will engage the students after the working hours wherever necessary to help them in developing their personalities.
  • The students will confront a very friendly management, which would try to nurture their talents and aspirations.
  • Counseling in respect of career opportunities and other issues will be provided.
  • The students will benefit from the multi-cultural composition in the campus.


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