School of Basic Science


The progress of a society depends largely on developing, acquiring, and leveraging scientific knowledge in all its form. Knowledge today is growing at an exponential and ever increasing rate. Fueled by various social, technological, and cultural factors knowledge generation and advancement is happening like never before. According to the Buckminster Fuller “Knowledge Doubling Curve” knowledge has been doubling every 25 years since World War II. In the recent past, it has been doubling every 13 months. Today thanks largely to advances in technology, knowledge is doubling every 12 hours.1 The past century has been a century of phenomenal scientific and technological discoveries - from Penicillin to the Transistor to Televisions to Airplanes. Some of the more recent inventions include the Microprocessor, DNA profiling, and of course the Internet. Each discovery and each invention has advanced the quality and progress of human life. The future poses immense opportunities and challenges as well. It is with this recognition that SRM University Sikkim has elected to introduce the School of Basic Sciences.

School of Basic Sciences

2018 will see the commencement of School of Basic Sciences. Initially the University plans to offer the following undergraduate courses.

  • Bachelor of Science in Physics (B.Sc Physics)
  • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (B.Sc Chemistry)
  • Bachelor of Science in Botany (B.Sc Botany)
  • Bachelor of Science in Zoology (B.Sc Zoology)

Over the next few years, the University intends to offer post graduate programs to complement the undergraduate programs.


An entire new building has been acquired by the University to house the School of Basic Sciences. The new Academic building is located half a kilometer away from SRM Bhavan. The building will house an Auditorium, Central Library, Canteen, Departments, Classrooms and various Laboratories as required by each discipline. To facilitate student transportation two University buses are available.

Programs Offered

Undergraduate Programs

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