School of Hospitality and Tourism Studies


Even in the midst of growing demand for Engineering and Medical education, students opting for Arts, Science and Humanities programs constitute a substantial number of universities in India. There has been a focus on making these programs more job-oriented and socially relevant. SRM University, Sikkim proposes to introduce programs which would help the people in the state of Sikkim and the neighboring states to get access to employment easily. As the first step, the following ‘three year’s program’ is introduced in the academic year 2015-16. Moreover, with globalization gaining acceptance the Hospitality and Tourism Management industry is truly becoming global. Hospitality and Tourism Management includes Hotels & Restaurant Management, Cruise ship Management, Hospitality administration and catering, Tourism Management, Airline catering and cabin services, Club Management, Event management amongst others.The course curriculum offered by SRMUS is in lieu with the today's demands of the industry on a global level.The Hospitality and Tourism Management courses are career oriented and are designed for students who wish to grow in the worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Industry. The partner hotels of SRMUS in the Industrial exposure are among the best in the industry, where you will have a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights into critical aspects of organization behavior, working culture, time management and scheduling, hospitality and tourism operations and many more technical aspects.

Undergraduate program

B.Sc. Hospitality and Tourism Management

Curriculum and Syllabus

Postgraduate program

M.Sc. Hospitality and Tourism Management

Curriculum and syllabus

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