School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies


With rapid globalization and technological advancement, the world has become more accessible for people across countries. Communication systems have evolved and exchange of ideas across multiple fields have generated complex discourses for academic intervention. The world is no more an abstract and enclosed place but a space of competing contestations across multiple identities and issues like that of race, class, caste, gender, ethnicity, nationality, etc chequered by lived realities and intricate histories of individuals and collectives. Academic education in the humanities thus necessitates the development of multiple reading abilities in students to provoke them to think through issues that concern the human world, relate the text with the world outside, argue one’s findings and wonder at the seeming impossibilities. The School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies at SRM University, Sikkim tries to provide the necessary academic training to the students to concretize their foundations in language, literary and culture studies offering them a platform to think across and out of conventional disciplinary boundaries and question and critique hegemonies and majoritarianisms in all forms of discourses. 

About the School

The School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies is an interdisciplinary school that offers multiple courses from the domain of language, literature and culture studies. The courses taught in the school train the students in critical understanding and interpretation of literary, linguistic and cultural issues from an interdisciplinary and liberal perspective. The students are introduced to reading strategies and perspective formation on various text and non-text based sources of studies. Currently, the school offers an intensive three-year degree program in English and Communicative English course to the rest of the schools in the university. 


The School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies has spacious classrooms equipped with audio-visual aids to facilitate e-learning. The School also has language lab and computer facility for the students and teachers.

Programs Offered

Undergraduate Programs


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