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The job profiles in India are changing rapidly in consonance with the demands of the industries and commercial establishments. India is forging ahead in spite of global slowdown because of its resilient economy which depends more on indigenous sources for its markets and services. Hence the higher education institutions have a major responsibility in understanding the needs of our society and provide the necessary platform for producing the right kind of human resources to propel our economy to the next level of competitiveness and engagement. SRM University, Sikkim, being a nascent University has the advantage of adapting itself to the requirements of our industries and commercial establishments.

Management education in India has undergone a series of metamorphosis-from an elitist approach to an open source, project oriented pedagogy targeting specific areas of operation. This has resulted in the profuse adoption of technology and the student passing out today would be industry-ready than what a student would have been a decade back. In SRM University, Sikkim the curriculum and syllabus have been framed in such a manner that a student of Management would be inclined to pursue his or her studies in an atmosphere of freedom and liberal exposure to knowledge acquisition.

Commerce education has its application in multifarious fields. Banking, Insurance, Trade, Transport, and Cooperation are a few areas where Commerce graduates can be employed in large numbers.

About the School

The School of Management and Commerce was established in 2013. The school started by offering the following programs MBA, BBA, B.Com, B(Sc)HT, B.Voc (Finance). This year in 2017, the school plans to offer additional programs namely M.Com, B.Com (Honors).Since its inception, it has witnessed tremendous growth. In 2016 alone the BBA program admitted 60 students. As demand for qualified, knowledgeable, and industry ready students are on the rise; the School of Management and Commerce is taking steps to meet this challenge.


Currently, the School of Management and Commerce occupy class rooms in two SRM University Sikkim buildings. In the near future, the University will be establishing a country campus in Sikkim. Land acquisition efforts are well underway. It is simply a time before SRM University Sikkim will have a multi acre campus complete with all amenities and facilities available in all recognized universities. For the School of Management and Commerce, this would mean dedicated computer labs and language labs, incubation center and the plethora of various facilities. 

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