SRM University, Sikkim holds a great potential in turning itself into a leading source of knowledge acquisition and skill development. The programs have been designed to be job-oriented and industry-relevant. The learners would have opportunities in exposing themselves to a multiplicity of learning experiences. Here are some of the features of the SRM University, Sikkim:

  • Semester Pattern and Credit System for all streams
  • Harnessing all sources of knowledge including the expertise available in Industries and Institutes of excellence.
  • Value additions in terms of latest technology inputs to make learning interesting and broad-based.
  • Developing specific skills sets in students to turn them into job-worthy individuals.
  • Providing quality education by creating excellent on-campus facilities.
  • Scientific and objective evaluation system to establish credibility and standing for the degrees awarded by SRM University, Sikkim.
  • Mentoring by industry practitioners and professionals.
  • The faculty will exploit modern scientific methods in teaching-learning process to create and promote cognitive learning experiences.
  • The faculty members through constant interaction with the industries will acquire the necessary expertise and updates, which will be transferred to the students from time-to-time. This will enable the students to be ready to match the industry expectations.