Yoga for Human Excellence 

SRM University, being one of the most successful and paramount private universities in India offers  varied opportunities for students to develop themselves from. SRM University’s course on Yoga basically focuses on ‘SKY Yoga’, an ancient discipline that explores, develops, and integrates the body, mind, and spirit through exercise, asanas and meditation. Exercises and asanas systematically stretch and strengthen muscles throughout the body, increase blood circulation to internal organs and glands, quieten the nervous system, and meditation helps to improve concentration. This ancient system of self-care brings vitality, health, deep relaxation, and peace of mind. Instructors encourage students to listen to their body, respect its wisdom, and let it progress at its own pace. Deep relaxation is taught in each class after completion of the physical exercises and asanas. The course is taught by well-trained and professional instructors who employ progressive teaching methods in an encouraging atmosphere.The objectives of the course on Yoga are:

  • To improve the life style of students.
  • To enable an increase in memory power of students
  • To help students practice stress-management
  • To motivate students towards mindfulness 

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